potter's journal

  • introducing: eloise rankine

    If you have been following along with the elph store story, you will already be familiar with Eloise. She is one of our co-founders, artist in residence and ceramics teacher at elph store, shopkeeper and writer of this journal. She is also the maker of elph ceramics and her own eponymous line of porcelain artworks.
  • in the studio with alessandro di sarno

    Formally a chef, Alessandro has a deep understanding of the relationship between food and how it is displayed on ceramic forms. 
  • elph store’s guide to gifting: Weddings

    With wedding season well and truly upon us, we thought it best to share our go-to gifts for those tying the knot. Spoil your loved ones with handmade, Australian ceramics on their big day. Discover our favourites. 
  • introducing: ena products

    As a ceramic artist, Eloise’s hands are always in water and covered in clay. She find this really dries out her skin and can leave her hands fee...
  • in the studio with RARA studio

    RARA Studio's pieces are designed, hand-built and painted by Aliça Rose Tibbs. Aliça creates unique, functional pieces for the home using a range of clays and hand building techniques. 
  • Moments with tea

    One of our daily rituals at elph store is an afternoon cup of tea. One afternoon we stopped to think about this ritual and how beautiful tea mixed with beautiful ceramics impacts our other daily rituals. In this week's elph journal, Eloise ruminates on the place of tea in her life.

  • in the studio with ghost wares

    Ghost Wares is a Melbourne based ceramics studio with an emphasis on creating objects that are elegant but playful. Recently we asked Matthew to share a few insights into his practice.
  • How are handmade ceramics made? Part three: mould making

    Mould making is a common practice in studio pottery in Australia. Moulds allow ceramicists to create multiples of the same object, create specific parts of objects or to use as an alteration tool. 
  • How are handmade ceramics made? Part Two: hand-building

    Part 2: Hand-building Hand-building refers to a multitude of making techniques which predominately use hands to create. In contrast to throwing on...
  • How are handmade ceramics made? Part One: wheel thrown

    If you have ever found yourself lost in the world of Instagram pottery videos, there is a good chance that they have been someone throwing on the pottery wheel. During this process, the clay seems to effortlessly glide from shape to shape in the potter’s hands as it spins. 
  • in the studio with peter mccarthy

    Peter McCarthy is a Sydney-based potter who makes wheel thrown vessels that are both beautiful and functional. 
  • in the studio with hayden youlley

    Hayden Youlley designs and produces handmade, functional homewares from his studio in Marrickville, Sydney. He has been working full time on Hayden Youlley Design for almost 7 years and continues to design and make his full range. Starting out with a weekly market, his work is now stocked Australia-wide. We stock his classic white paper series which has products ranging from coffee cups to plates, serving bowls to keep cups, ramekins to vases. We recently asked Hayden a few questions to shine some light on his process and design ethos.