in the studio with peter mccarthy

Peter McCarthy is a Sydney-based potter who makes wheel thrown vessels that are both beautiful and functional. Peter has a love for making on the wheel and an amazing attention to detail. His pots are often meticulously decorated with parallel lines or checks.

We stock a range of Peter's monochrome, geometric work ranging from vases to bottles and salad bowls. Recently, we asked Peter a few questions to gain an insight into his practice.


How do you describe yourself?
I am a gardener potter.

Why/how did you start making pots?
I was keen to learn more about the making process of the pots I had collected.

Describe your process.
I am a night potter and throw stoneware, and more recently started digging my own clay.

What is your favourite pot and why?
A Bodil Manz cylinder, made of ultra thin translucent porcelain.
What is something surprising about making pots? (good or bad)
Getting very dirty, but it all comes out in the wash!

Discover Peter's work here.