in the studio with Splendid Wren

Catherine Field, the maker behind Splendid Wren Ceramics, hand builds most of her pieces and loves experimenting with clays and glazes to get different textures, finishes and degrees of speckle. Catherine describes her relationship with clay as allowing her to reconnect with nature and her time making mud pies while growing up in the country. Catherine works from Sydney studio Claypool.

We recently asked Catherine a few questions about how her routine has changed, what she is making and what she is looking forward to in the future.

  1.  Whats your new routine like?

My new routine has a very slow pace, we’re sleeping in, cooking a lot of delicious food, going for long walks or bike rides along the coast and I’m trying to squeeze in some pottery around the home schooling. I’ve been trying to make things I don’t usually have time for in the studio - like big coil pots. I’m loving it. And I’m looking forward to doing some Kintsugi [traditional Japanese technique of repairing breaks with gold] on all the pieces I’ve been collecting.

  1.  How are you keeping in touch with other makers?

I’m loving Instagram for staying in touch. There’s definitely more time for chatting with other makers but also being inspired by their isolation activities - lots of recipe sharing and baking. I’ve wanted to make bread and crumpets for a long time and I’ve finally had a chance to do both. And I’m loving all the interior design tips as I’m also using this time to declutter the apartment.

  1. What are you doing to practice self-care during this time?

I’ve been keeping up my yoga practise and going on daily walks. And just embracing this opportunity to be calmer. I have plans every day to have a long bath but it hasn’t happened yet, maybe today!

  1. Whats your favourite at home handmade ceramic?

My new daily ritual is Tippity Tea Chai in my Ghostwares mug both from the Elph Store.  I find it hard to make a delivery without picking up something from your beautiful store. All other meals, and the many, many isolation snacks, are being served on my collection of Splendid Wren seconds, samples and one offs. One day I’ll make myself a new set!

  1. What are you most looking forward to when the lockdown is over?

I can’t wait to get back to my studio to have the space to make again and also to hug my sister and friends again. But for the time being I’m enjoying the slower pace of these times in isolation and quality time with my little family.