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elph store is home to a range of unique ceramic artists' work.

elph store meet our makers

Alessandro Di Sarno

Formally a chef, Alessandro has a deep understanding of the relationship between food and how it is displayed on ceramic forms. Alessandro hand throws on the pottery wheel, describing his work as having every physical mark and imperfection which acts as a record of the his interaction with the clay, making each piece unique. 

Angela Butler Sydney

Angela Butler trained in print making at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. After transitioning into creating handmade ceramics, Angela creates one-off functional ceramics from porcelain and stoneware clays. Always experimenting, Angela's works are each unique expressions of her love of beautiful objects. Angela was a finalist in the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2017 and exhibits her artwork throughout Sydney. Angela works at Sydney studio experimental ceramics studio. 

Brett Stone Sydney

Brett Stone is a lover of glazes and functional ceramics. Brett makes unadorned bowls that are made to be used. Never two exactly are the same, each with its own unique traits and possibilities for use. Brett is a represented artist at Utopia Art Sydney and works from Sydney studio Claypool. 

elph ceramics (Eloise Rankine) Sydney

elph ceramics are made by Sydney-based ceramic artist Eloise Rankine. Working from the elph ceramics studio, which is hidden behind elph store, each piece is unique and handmade on the pottery wheel. Fired to stoneware with a thick white satin glaze, elph ceramics are designed for everyday use.

Ghost Wares (Matthew Vrettas & Stephanie Yap) Melbourne
Ghost Wares are created by Melbourne couple, Matthew Vrettas and Stephanie Yap. With a respective background in architecture and graphic design, they describe their work as elegant but playful. The clays are all hand mixed to get the distinctive colour palette and then hand thrown on the wheel.

Hayden Youlley Sydney
Hayden Youlley describes his ceramics as being designed to surprise and delight. His work is guided by his ethos to discover the artistic value in the everyday objects people would often overlook. The best example of this in his work is the crumpled piece of paper, the throw away object which inspired his Paper Series. Using the slip cast method, Hayden strives for the highest possible quality, craftsmanship, functionality and attention to detail. We definitely believe he achieves this.

Holly MacDonald Melbourne
Holly is an emerging ceramic artist originally from Sydney but now based in Melbourne. Holly completed a bachelor of fine arts, majoring in ceramics at National Art School, Sydney and honours in ceramics at RMIT. Holly's work is handbuilt from porcelain using a pinch pot technique to create delicate, functional vessels which she then “draws” on using ceramic pencils, stained slips and glazes.

Julie Pennington Sydney
Julie Pennington is a ceramic artist based in Canberra and is the only maker at elph store who does not produce functional works. Julie's beautiful works are made using porcelain and uses the unglazed white surface to explore pattern and texture. Impossibly thin, her delicate works are at once captivating and understated. Holding simply a dried flower or nothing at all, each piece is unique in its beauty. 

Kati Watson Sydney
Kati Watson is a Sydney-based artist who creates simple, refined forms with a focus on everyday pots. Kati's work is made on the pottery wheel and features subtle, satin matt finishes. Kati has been making pots for over 15 years and exhibiting with Utopia Art Sydney for the past 6 years. 

Little White Dish (Deb Taylor) Sydney via London
Deb Taylor, the ceramic artist behind Little White Dish, has been making for 25 years. Originally from England, Deb is now based in Sydney at Precinct 75. Deb is the creator of our popular Paddington 2021, Loved and Cherished cups and makes beautiful functional ceramics for restaurants and home use. You can find Deb's work being used at a range of high end Sydney restaurants including LuMi Dining and Paperbark.

Mukumono (Ion Fukazawa) Sydney via Tokyo
Ion Fukazawa is a Sydney based designer who grew up in both Sydney and Tokyo. He graduated from the College of Fine Arts (UNSW Arts and Design) with a Bachelor of Design in ceramics in 2014. Mukumono focuses on the pure materials in nature by using traditional techniques and experimental processes. Through these processes Mukumono want the user to understand and appreciate the craft and the materials of daily objects.

Paige Phillips Southern Highlands
Paige Phillips is an emerging maker who works in the Southern Highlands, NSW. Paige graduated from a bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School, Sydney. A lover of experimenting with clays and glazing, Paige mixes her own clay and wood fires her pieces.

Peter McCarthy Sydney
Peter McCarthy is a Sydney-based potter who makes wheel thrown vessels that are both beautiful and functional. Peter has a love for making on the wheel and an amazing attention to detail. We stock a range of Peter's monochrome, geometric work ranging from vases to bottles to salad bowls. 

RARA Studio (Aliça Rose Tibbs) Melbourne
RARA Studio's pieces are designed, hand-built and painted by Aliça Rose Tibbs. Aliça creates unique, functional pieces for the home using a range of clays and hand building techniques. Each piece is one of a kind, with the marks of the maker celebrated, forming the texture of the work. She creates objects that can be used and enjoyed every day for arranging flowers, having your morning coffee or a piece of cake.

Sandy Lockwood Southern Highlands
Sandy Lockwood began making with clay in 1975 and has been a full-time maker and part-time teacher since 1980. Surrounded and inspired by nature, Sandy makes wood-fired salt-glazed ceramics, which are both functional and sculptural. She describes her work as being ‘weathered’ in the kiln, “yielding a unique myriad of textures and colours.” Sandy graduated from National Art School in 1980, where she now teaches ceramics within the bachelor of fine arts program. Sandy also holds Masters of Visual Arts from Monash University and a PhD in Creative Arts from University of Wollongong. 

Sarah O'Sullivan Canberra
Sarah has a love of reinterpreting objects. Her Keepsake Collection has a distinct feeling of nostalgia and reminders of previous generations. Sarah described her process as “a contradiction to the final pieces created- I employ a production process of slip-casting that is designed to create exact replicas, however the end result is always unique, one-off pieces.” Sarah holds a bachelor and masters degree in Fine Arts majoring in ceramics from the National Art School, Sydney. 

Splendid Wren (Catherine Field) Sydney
Catherine Field, the maker behind Splendid Wren Ceramics, hand builds most of her pieces and loves experimenting with clays and glazes to get different textures, finishes and degrees of speckle. Catherine describes her relationship with clay as allowing her to reconnect with nature and her time making mud pies while growing up in the country. Catherine works from Sydney studio Claypool. 

Timna Taylor Grafton
Timna Taylor is renowned for her unique painted glazes applied to refined functional forms. Inspired by her love of painting and of the Australian bush, all of her works are one of a kind. The complex surfaces of Timna's gas-fired work render it truly unique and inimitable. 

Vicki Grima Sydney
Vicki Grima makes beautiful, hand pinched porcelain works with the most intricate detailing. Vicki has been a practicing Ceramic Artist for over 13 years and describes her work as:

“My forms are made to nestle in the hand. I seek the beauty in handmade details – finger prints, delicate edges and decoration which unravels as the viewer gets closer and then holds the pot. My work spans functional, sculptural and decorative realms.”

Vicki has been the Executive Officer of the The Australian Ceramics Association and the editor of its tri-annual print publication, The Journal of Australian Ceramics since 2005 and has recently been awarded the Order of Australia for Ceramics.  

The Journal of Australian Ceramics is available at elph store in store and online.